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What Is The Role Of Cartoons In Children Development?




As a kid, nothing enticed me more than the cartoon series that I followed each day religiously. I remember having skipped my afternoon nap for the episodes of Donald Duck. Tom and Jerry, too, had its share in making my childhood worth remembering. But little did I know then that these cartoons were shaping me up for my future.

Cartoons primarily help children to shape up themselves. Animated series are the first glimpse of the outer world to young minds. They try to imitate, replicate, and follow these characters in real life. It has been proved that cartoons help children learn languages faster. The kids not only enjoy the visual delight but also get a keen understanding of various colors, sounds, and expressions. While watching these, kids imagine themselves in place of their favorite cartoon character, taking themselves off to a vast world of imagination. 

Also, not to forget, one of the most important things that a good cartoon teaches children is teamwork. Be it the recent day Chota Bheem or the age-old Power Rangers; comics have always been one of the critical factors in introducing teamwork in children. Especially in the days of the nuclear family, such experiences can be provided only by the help of these cartoon characters.

Cartoons are the best way to explain the changes happening in the world. Recently, I have seen some innovative caricatures about the technology changes. Besides, I came across a plethora of educational cartoons as well. 

While the advantages of cartoons are worth mentioning, there are a few points that lie on the darker side of the penumbra. With a wide range of animations that are being aired each day, one would not be comfortable with the content of a few. Lead characters have, at times, been a bully or over smart or aggressive/. Kids comparing themselves with these characters have gone on to echo the same in their personal life. 

While on the one hand, kids have learnt languages fast, sometimes, due to the overuse of foul words in the children’s dailies, the children were caught using unpleasant languages at a tender age. At times, various cartoon characters have been discourteous towards a specific group of people, depending on their colour, gender, or ethnicity. These hit child psychology hard, which is quite evident in his or her later years.

While the advantages lower the beam towards them initially, the adversities give them a tough competition. This leads the parents to a dilemma on whether to allow their kids to enjoy cartoon or keep them away from this. However, off late, parents have found out a unique way to cut out on the disadvantages and provide what’s best for their kids. The simple solution to the problem is the cartoon making software.

Off late, cartoon making software  have a grip on the market. This has the potential to help the parents teach their kids exactly what they are looking forward to. Cartoon making software are simple applications that help you develop a cartoon of your own. These software are very efficient. They would help you develop a great animation in no time for your kids, all the while assisting you on how to do the same. 

These creative tools give you the liberty to put in the content that you would want to put in and do away with those that do not suit your taste. There are quite a lot of templates that are present to assist you in your quest to develop an awesome cartoon for your young one.

You can get these apps for free all over the internet, but obviously, the paid versions have some advantages over the free ones. Thus, with little effort and almost with no expense, you can make sure that your kid is not open to the harmful effects of cartoons. Finally, I would say that the cartoons play a vital role in the kids development if its utilized in the right way! 

Lisa holds an MBA degree in management and a diploma in journalism. She has more than 3.5 years of experience in writing news-based content for various print media. She joined the team recently, and she brings together the substantial news-based content from the field of Entertainment. She has a great sense of managing things, and that is why she does her work with great consistency within the time frame.

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