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What can be expect from Alienware after Area-51m?




Alienware Area- 51m was released in January and it was hit due to its bombastic features and was termed as “world’s most powerful gaming laptop”.

Alienware manufactures the best gaming laptops and desktops and the example, they brought Area-51m into the market. Area-51m’s main motive was to tap the best potential of the company. The developers kept in mind all the things which make a gaming desktop or portable computer great. It was a fully upgradeable laptop.

What was so special about Area-51m? Our technology is going on a very fast pace, that today’s technology is replaced by tomorrow’s innovation. Area-51m like any other full-fledged desktop lets you replace all the parts which can be upgraded. It comes with user-replaceable processors, graphical cards, storage RAM.

Now, the big question is “What is next for Alienware after Area-51m?” Rumors are heard that Ryzen processors are coming to Alienware products. But, for gamers can’t anticipate AMD Ryzen-powered Area-51m any sooner. It is going to take time.

“Regarding Ryzen desktop processors in a new Area-51m, I wouldn’t expect anything soon,” said Joe Olmstead, director of Dell’s gaming products.

Area-51m is nearly perfect but it is not perfect, consumers are claiming that there could be a little improvement on the display panel, where they are asking for OLED display screen with 240 Hz refresh rate.

Alienware is listening to its consumers but sadly, the new display is not coming any soon, it will come around May 2020.

“Not likely until next year. We have it on other notebooks already though. A51m uses a brand new narrow border design that panels are catching up to,” Alienware co-founder Frank Azor tweeted.

Alienware notebooks that are in the 15-inch range already feature 240 Hz refresh rate, but it has to introduce the same rate for 17-inch range. For the current being, fans will have to keep using the 144 Hz refresh rate on the 17.3-inch Area-51m.

Other things that fans are expecting Alienware to include the dual-screen feature and light-weight laptops into their products. This feature is not outside the realm of possibility. With all its features in Area-51m, it has to be heavy, somewhere and other we have to sacrifice something. Alienware is working on this with m15(4.75 pounds), m17(5.80 pounds) and 51m(up to 8.54 pounds) being released.

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