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Trump Wants To Meet Kim Jong Un At Korean DMZ Just To Shake Hands




The relationship between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has always been complicated. One moment they act like close friends and the other moment they seem each other’s rivals. Well, the people don’t have any idea about the little game that they are playing but all we know is they are both winning in it.

Donald Trump has invited the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un at the fortified area that acts as a division between North Korea and South Korea for meeting and greeting. Trump revealed on Twitter that he is inviting him just to shake his hands and say hello to Kim during his visit to North Korea.

According to North Korea, the gesture is certainly very interesting. After his meet with the Chinese President Xi in Japan, Donald Trump is headed to South Korea. And he asked Kim Jong Un to meet him at the border because he wants to shake hands and say hello, followed by a question mark in his tweet.

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Mr. Trump also conceded that the meeting would be barely for two minutes. The relations between the two countries is definitely on very thin ice and despite the sensitive and complicated relations they are constantly trying to make amends. The complications between them can affect the trade exchange between the countries entirely and that would result in the decrement of their economy.

About the meeting, the foreign affairs minister of North Korea revealed that although they consider it a very interesting suggestion but they are yet to receive an official proposal in this regard.

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