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Top 5 Email Marketing Strategies in 2019




As per a report published by, there more than 280 billion emails being sent every day which shows how popular the email marketing is. The most important thing is, well written and well-designed emails that are sent to a good targeted email list convert the best. Email Marketing is said to be the heart of e-commerce because online stores are earning a lot of profit by their email marketing campaigns. This figure is expected to rise to 330 billion emails per day by 2021.

Like any other marketing techniques, email marketing has been changing over time, and we have to embrace the changes to make most out of our email marketing campaign.

In this article, we are going to talk about top 5 Email Marketing Strategies for 2019

  1. Segmentation of Subscribers

Segmentation of your subscribers makes your email marketing more targeted and effective. It is important that you send customized emails to a segment of your subscribers. Let’s understand this by an example if you are hosting a small business event in New Delhi, India, and you have thousands of subscribers from across the globe. Now, if you send an invitation email to every subscriber, it would be annoying to those who live far away from the event location. Let’s say, the subscribers who are living in New York, USA will be annoyed with this because for a small event, why would someone travel so much to attend. There comes segmentation. If make a segment of the subscribers who live in India, in fact, very near to New Delhi, and then send them the invitation to attend the event, that will be great, and you will see most of your subscribers would love to attend because they live nearby.

That is the reason segmentation is important to make your emails more targeted. This is just an example; it applies in all the scenarios.

  • Personalization of the Email

Personalization doesn’t mean that you have to send individual emails to each of your subscribers. It means you use the customer’s/subscriber’s data to create personalized emails. If you have been joined the Amazon’s newsletter, you always get their promotional and other emails. In that you will notice that their salutation is not “Dear customer or Dear valued customer,” but their email starts with “Dear <Your Name>”.

When you send emails this way, you connect more with the receiver because the email starts with his name, and that looks very personalized emails as if you have sent the email to only him.  Not even this, the subject and the body should be personalized as well.
According to Marketingland, personalized emails convert 6 times than the non-personalized emails.  For creating such personalized emails, you should get enough data from your subscribers which you can get while they fill the details while subscribing your email list. Do ask enough details that can help you create better emails for each of them.

  • Send Responsive/mobile friendly emails

In 2019, it is more important to create emails that are friendly to mobile devices. In other words, design the responsive emails which open perfectly fine on any device size. This is important because now the number of mobile users is increasing. As more users are using the internet and emails on their mobile devices, it is the best time to send them emails that open well on the device.

  • Automate emails

You can set up automatic emails that are sent to users as per their behavior and actions. For example, when someone subscribes to your email list, there should be a welcome and thank you email sent to him. You can automate emails in various ways. One of the examples, when you select a product on some e-commerce sites and add to cart, but for some reason, you don’t pay and close the site. You get the email that to complete your order by completing the payment.

Such emails are really effective.

  • Everyone loves FREE. Giveaway something free.

Who doesn’t like to get something for Free?

You can giveaway something free to your subscribers time to time along with your promotional campaign makes your emails more effective and successful. You can do that in various ways, you can either relate your promotion along with freeware or you can simply offer something free such as an e-book?

If you are an online store owner, you can even offer something like “Few hours left! Buy one get two”. Doing these for small durations generally increase your email open rate, and conversion rate too.


Email marketing has been there for long, and it will be there for longer as well as it is still generating a lot of sales for businesses. Hope these marketing strategies would help you do better for your email marketing campaign.

Lisa holds an MBA degree in management and a diploma in journalism. She has more than 3.5 years of experience in writing news-based content for various print media. She joined the team recently, and she brings together the substantial news-based content from the field of Business. Apart from this, she manages to write General US News as well. She has a great sense of managing things, and that is why she does her work with great consistency withing the time frame.

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