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Top 10 Content Marketing Strategies




Marketing is one of the most important things for any kind of businesses. There are many types of marketing, and content marketing is one of them.

Content Marketing is a type of marketing that is focused on creating and distributing valuable content to build a good audience base and ultimately make some profit.

If you are into online business, you cannot miss out content marketing because content rules the web.

In this post, I will be talking about the top 10 content marketing strategies that are being used by experts. I am also opting for a few of these strategies and learning a lot every day.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at those 10 Content Marketing Strategies.

1. Create error-free content

In the content marketing, there is no space for errors. You have to make sure that the content you are creating is error free. Grammar mistakes are very common nowadays which is very embarrassing at times. It shows a wrong picture of yours in front of your audience and customers.

Therefore, spend quality time to create content that is error free whether it is a typo, grammar mistake, punctuation mistake, wrong data, or anything else. You must avoid such mistakes to be in the good books of your audience and customers.

The best way to stay away from grammatical mistakes is using an online tool to check your copy for mistakes. I use Grammarly that is one of the best software for grammar, punctuation and spelling check. 

You can use Grammarly or any other tools but make sure you don’t leave errors in your content.

2. Focus on content headlines

Being a content marketer our foremost goal is to get hundreds or thousands of people on the content. The headline is one of the factors that impact the CTR. Whether the content is shared on social media or visible in SERP, the headline is always visible prominently.

Google SERP Preview

Facebook Preview

You can see in the screenshots that headline is prominently shown in the SERP. Therefore, focus on creating attention-grabbing headlines for your content.

3. Research a lot before creating content

Research is very important when you write for a huge audience base because you never know what else has been already written on the internet on the same topic.

Therefore, before you all set to start writing the content, always do a thorough research and then mix your ideas with that research to produce a well-researched content.

This works well because I have been learning for a while now, and I found that knowing what others already have shared and what I need to add to make killer article is an added advantage.

Therefore, always do a lot of research before content creation.

4. Keep On-page SEO in mind

SEO is a very important thing because it is the one that helps content to get better ranking in search engines. On-page SEO is most basic and the most important part of SEO in which you implement strategies to optimize the content for search engines.

Checklist for on-page optimization:

  • Keyword research and distribution.
  • Meta Tag Optimization.
  • Interlinking.
  • Image Optimization.
  • URL Optimization.
  • Heading tag optimization.
  • Using semantic keywords within the content.
  • Write descriptive content.

You can keep the above-mentioned list in mind while writing the content because these things give the basic SEO boost to the content.


5. Make use of visual content

Creating only textual content is not so effective nowadays because people want to get the information quickly which you can provide with visual content such as banners, images, infographics, audios, and videos.

Textual content is still important but if you mix it with visual content to provide better user experience to your audience, then your marketing efforts will yield better results.

6. Share Case Studies

Writing case studies can be one of the best content marketing strategies because case studies always attract more eyeballs than what a normal content does.

Case study clearly reflects the process and success of any strategy that you have implemented. Suppose you have run an SEO campaign that was very successful. You can share a case study about it on your blog as how you have started, what else you have applied, and how you got the results. It is always interesting to read such case studies. I do read more of case studies than simple content as they don’t bore me.

Therefore, sharing case studies can add value to your content marketing strategy.

7. Content Publishing Schedule

Mostly, when you have so many ideas, you just write many posts at once and publish immediately. It is fine at times but for an effective content marketing strategy, you must set a schedule of posting the content. No matter you post once, twice or thrice a week but maintain a schedule with consistency. 

On this blog, I have maintained a schedule with consistency. I publish one article on every Tuesday. No matter if I have tons of ideas or no ideas, I manage to publish one on the above said day.

8. Surveys

Involving your audience and customers into your work is really a great strategy for your content marketing success. You can use some survey tools like SurveyMonkey to create surveys and share with your audience/customers so that you can collect their views as well.

Doing this can help you well to generate some exceptional content ideas. Also the content will be more focused on the problems of your audience because you are going to write the content based on their demands.

Every content marketer should implement this content marketing strategy to get most out of your over all efforts.

9. Promote your content

Just writing the content won’t be fruitful until someone reads it. Therefore, invest some quality time in promoting the content on social media so that the content will get better exposure. If people find the content relevant and useful, they might share this with their friends and it likely to get the viral effect on social media. Thus, promotion is indeed the strategy that must not be missed.

10.  Slideshare presentations

With more than 60 million users globally, is the largest content marketing platform of the whole world.

You can make use of this amazing platform to share your content for better reach and brand promotion. Make sure that your slides are well formatted, and designed in a way that anyone can easily understand.

You can attract new customers to your brand by using this platform because it is having a huge user base as I said above.

Final words

Content marketing is very important for building targeted audience and customer base. It is greatly helpful for selling things online because most of the online purchases are done after reading a few articles and reviews about the products.

Therefore, you must implement the best content marketing strategies to get huge success. 

I am sure you loved the 10 content marketing strategies mentioned above. Please share your thoughts, views, ideas and feedback, as I really need these to improve myself.

Lisa holds an MBA degree in management and a diploma in journalism. She has more than 3.5 years of experience in writing news-based content for various print media. She joined the team recently, and she brings together the substantial news-based content from the field of Business. Apart from this, she manages to write General US News as well. She has a great sense of managing things, and that is why she does her work with great consistency withing the time frame.

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