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The Only Total Solar Eclipse In 2019 Will Take Place Tomorrow




The world is going to witness the only total solar eclipse of the year tomorrow. The solar eclipse will be visibly available in some parts of South America and in South Pacific region but it will not be available to see for some Asian countries including Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India as reported by the weather channel. The eclipse will last about four minutes and it will be seen at 10:25 PM according to Indian Standard Time.

The last solar eclipse was seen in the year 2017 where it lasted for about 2 minutes and 40 seconds but this year’s solar eclipse will be about twice longer than before with an expected time of 4 minutes. The images of the eclipse will be live streamed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration known as NASA. They will also cover the whole event as reported by NewsNation.

It is said that the Solar Eclipse will shadow the earth for an estimated 161 minutes. However, the second landfall of the eclipse will happen only for four minutes. It will traverse for about 6000 miles and will be visible in the parts of Chile, South-Pacific region and Argentina.

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The Total Solar Eclipse could be defined as when the Sun, Earth, and Moon arranges in one line and forms a path of totality with the moon which blocks the rays coming from Sun to reach the earth. Therefore it is only visible if it happens in the day time. However, in the Asian countries, it will occur at night that’s why they won’t be able to witness it.

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