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Starbucks Apologizes To Police Officers Who Were Asked To Leave The Store




Starbucks issued an apology regarding the incident that happened in Arizona where seven police officers were asked to leave the store on 4th of July because as per the store they made the other customers feel uncomfortable and the customers were feeling unsafe in their presence. The executive vice president of Starbucks and the President of US retail, Rossann Williams publicly apologized to the department and said that they are equally disappointed by the incident.

Seven Police officers entered the Starbucks store in Arizona on the 4th of July. A barista approached them and told them to step out of the queue and move out of the site of other customers or leave the store, the police officers left the store in disappointment. Soon after the official account of Temp Officers Association shared a logo that said Dump Starbucks.

In the post, they said to not appreciate Starbucks for asking their temp officers to leave the store on the Independence day of the US. Some of those cops were veterans who fought for this country.

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Soon after Rossann Williams apologized to the entire staff and said that they should have been treated with the utmost respect instead they were made to feel unwelcome and they do not appreciate this kind of behavior of their employees and partners. She sincerely apologized to the Temp officers association and also said that the Police officers are the ones who are making their stores and community a safe and welcoming place and they are already taking effective measures to make sure that this kind of incident does not ever happen in the future.

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