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Snapchat launches a new feature – lets you edit your face into videos




Snapchat is launching a brand new feature for its users. The feature is called Cameo and lets you deepfake your face into a video or GIF. In fact, the feature enables you to replace the faces in the videos and GIFs with your own face and then you can share them with your friends.

You would have observed a similar functionality on Bitmoji. The new deepfake feature can indeed be the best alternative to Bitmoji and offers you built-in support from within Snapchat. The new feature was first noticed by the Snapchat users in France.

After the developers successfully ran the trial in France, they have announced launch on December 18. Following the news and alerts on major social media platforms, Snapchat came up with a press release on Monday. Once it is launched in the US and other regions, it will be embedded in the Chat Sticker bar. You just need to choose a body to suit your face, and the AI functionality of Snap will manipulate your face to express different expressions and emotions.

The deepfake technology used in this new feature is quite controversial in nature. It is the same technology that uses the faces of celebrities in porn videos. In fact, technology has severe implications if used for creating fake political videos. In fact, the deepfake technology has been under fire for the spread of misinformation and fake news.

However, we would just hope that Snapchat will have a mechanism to contain any such possible misuse of the new feature. That way, the potential dangerous application or feature can be made a perfect option for comedy and fun.

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