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Scientists create an “Animal Vision” – Get a real ‘Bird’s Eye View” of things around you!




This question should have always come to your mind – how does the world around us appear to your pets? Or for that matter any other animal around you? You can find it out now, thanks to a new tool developed by the scientists. The tool converts an image to let you see how a bee, a fish or any other mammal perceives the thing before it.

If you have been an ardent follower of science, you would have known that the animals perceive the colors, light, and brightness differently than we humans do. It has more to do with the eye adaptations that these animals have gone through over the course of evolution. However, there were no means so far for the humans to experience the things precisely.

All that is set to change for the better. A new open source software developed recently can be installed on any average smartphone and can simulate the vision of the chosen animals. Referred to as MicaToolbox, the software has been in beta as of now. The details of the study behind the invention have been published in a paper.

Researchers from the University of Queensland and a British team at the University of Exeter have jointly worked on the concept. The open source application is now available for the researchers and amateur animal lovers alike.

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