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Saturn’s moon has developed some tiger stripes, and the scientists reveal the reason




It is of great surprise that Saturn’s moon has got some tiger stripes on its surface. While some referred to it as a miracle, the scientists defined it to be pure Physics. They are saying that it is probably due to the strange Physics of the Ringed Planet’s gravity changes with the moon’s orbit, which has lead to the present state. 

The scientists have developed a new model, which can find the reason behind the cause of Enceladus’s tiger stripes. The stripes are quite intense on the South Pole of the moon because the particular area happened to split open first. 

The scientists further said that the fissures stay open, which leads to an eruption as a result of the tidal effects of Saturn’s gravity. They further claim that the moon’s deformation is the factor that keeps the wound from healing and prevents the ice from closing. 

The stripes have further been studied to be known that each of them is parallel and has an even space difference between each of them.

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