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Samsung Will Soon Launch The Classic Flip Phone With Latest Foldable Design




The classic flip phone with foldable design is coming back into the market. Samsung is soon going to launch a new phone and will bring back this classic design from the old times. They are said to be developing a design that takes inspiration from flip phone designs and folds down the middle of the screen in order to make it more compact when it is not in use of the customer.

The opposite idea of this phone has also been in the market, the phones which fold outward like a book. Those phones were not a huge success as there were many problems arising due to their odd design. But now Samsung is working on a completely different model.

The size of the phone will be 6.7 inches when unfolded and will have an extra 1 inch for the basic information without having to fold the device. The exterior of the device will be responsible for all the notifications and other display info.

With its compact size, it will easily fit in your pockets and will also give you the experience of huge phones. The launch of the phone is set to be released soon. However, no exact date is announced by the company but we can expect it soon near next year.

Previously launched foldable phone Galaxy Fold with an opposite idea was having so many issues. The customers reported many complaints regarding the phone. Most customers said that only one unit of the phone was working and the other was blank.

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