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Samsung Released Few Teaser Images Of Galaxy 10 and Galaxy 10+




Samsung Galaxy 10 and Galaxy 10 Plus (or Pro) is already very famous among the people even before its release. The stunning looks and amazing features of the smartphones are gaining them popularity all across the world. The company has released some teaser images of both the smartphones that tell us about the exact look of Galaxy 10 and Galaxy 10 Plus. The pictures also hint about some of the features of the phone that we will be discussing in this article.

The release dates of these smartphones will be revealed on 7th August as per the official teaser released by Samsung. Both the phone will have an infinite display. The Samsung Galaxy 10 will come in three colors, black, white shiny and shiny pearl. Though the company didn’t reveal much information but did one confirmation that the device would still have an S Pen, and it would certainly be called Unpacked.

The Prism white color of the model reflects all the other colors while looking at it from a certain angle. There’s not much difference between the Galaxy 10 and Galaxy 10 Plus. Both the models are very similar to the front but have a slight change when it comes to the backside.

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The Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus has three cameras at the back and one at front. The device comes with two mystery sensors and a LED Flashlight. The phone will have at least two microphone holes and a standard headphone jack. The abilities of these phones will probably be similar to the Galaxy S10 that Samsung released earlier.

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