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Samsung Launches Bixby App Store In Competition With Alexa and Google Home




In this age of virtual assistance, companies are trying to provide their customers with as much advanced technology as they can. The era of Virtual assistants started when Siri first launched into the market. To compete with Siri, other companies too introduced their own virtual assistants to give their customers a better experience and also to compete with the contemporaries. And that’s when Google Assistant and Alexa were born. Alexa is the virtual assistant by Amazon and Google Assistant is of course, by Google.

Well, make way for another virtual assistant in the market that is Bixby by Samsung. Samsung really seems to be stepping up its game with the launch of the latest technologies and smartphones. It has amazed us with various latest releases and now with Bixby in the market, the company is unstoppable.

Samsung has opened a new app store for their virtual assistant. It is available for use only for Galaxy users. The app store will give them a shortcut to use Bixby called Bixby Marketplace. You can find the company’s virtual assistant simply by browsing ‘Bixby Capsules’. The app is very much similar to other virtual assistants, it let you access the functions simply by giving a voice command to the software.

With its integration with the third-party apps, it makes it very easy and quick to follow your commands. And with the help of the capsules, you can easily access the type of function that you need. For example, if you need to book an Uber or any other transportation facility, you can use the transportation capsule.

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