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Samsung Accused Of Misleading Customers On Their Smartphones’ Water Resistant




The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is taking Samsung to court for claiming that the Galaxy S7 is water resistant. They are claiming that Samsung is responsible for misguiding their customers because their smartphones aren’t as water resistant as they have promised their customers and as they have advertised. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has been sold to customers saying that it is waterproof but now an Australian Consumer Commission has announced that they will be taking legal actions on the company’s false claiming.

Samsung Galaxy S7 that was released in the year 2016 is advertised as IP68 water-resistant phone and it is the first phone by the company to have IP68 certification. After this, all the other electronic giants have been considering the IP68 certification for water resistance of their products.

The issue of the Australian Competition and the Consumer Commission can be summarised in two main points. The first issue that the company reported was that Samsung has claimed that their Galaxy S7 has the ability to withstand the water exposure after being submerged under 1.5 meters of water for half an hour or less and it will not affect the functioning of the phone for its lifetime. But ACCC claims that the phones are only water-resistant, not waterproof because the IP68 certified phones do not hold the ability to be waterproof, best they can do is water-resistant.

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Another key point is that Samsung has shown in its advertisement of S7 that they can be used on beaches and pools, but IP68 certified phones only have the ability to be water-resistant under freshwater only. The ACCC says that the company has fooled its customers by this kind of advertisement and they are going to deal with Samsung in the court.

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