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Methane Pulse detected in South Sudan wetlands, scientists suspect climate change as reason




Methane levels have been on the rise in the atmosphere. Scientists have long been looking for the reasons that might be causing this issue. They now seem to have found the right idea.

Researchers from the Edinburgh University in the UK have found that the methane emissions from the wetlands in the South Sudan region have been on the rise. The study was based on the satellite data, which shows that South Sudan received a tremendous amount of water from the lakes in East Africa.

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This has caused the rise in the methane levels here and subsequently has created a massive surge in the global percentage of methane. Methane is one of the potent greenhouse gases and has been on the rise in recent times. The gas has been increasing its concentration in the atmosphere, and climate change has been cited as being the primary reason for the issue.

There are several sources of the methane, and human components are also likely to have effected this change. Human activities like agriculture and the use of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel have been one of the causes of methane production. Still, scientists are looking for the other natural components.

“The levels of the East African lakes, which feed down the Nile to the Sudd, increased considerably over the period we were studying. It coincided with the increase in methane that we saw and would imply that we were getting this increased flow down the river into the wetlands,” says Dr. Mark Lunt, who is one of the team members that conducted the study.

The findings from the study were published in the journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

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