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McDonald’s Employee Shamed Online By Customer Earns Community Support




A McDonald’s employee was found sleeping on a seat while a woman captured him in a photograph to complain and that’s when the turning point of this man’s life began. Simon Childs, who is a 21-year-old employee works at McDonald’s. The homeless man is the father of a young son and is raising him alone. Due to being homeless he was sleeping at a table inside McDonald’s outlet. Meanwhile, a nosy woman captured him in camera and posted his picture in order to complain about him.

Instead of affecting the person in a negative way, this incident proved to be a great turning point in his life. Soon when people realized his situation, they offered him all sorts of help. Some asked to do his haircut for free, he got rental room offers, people donated numerous diapers, clothes, and supplies for his kid and he also got many job offers.

After going deeper into the story, the man’s life turned out to be sadder then it seemed. Netizens found out that the man’s mother got passed away just a time ago while he was already dealing with so much in his life. People really empathize with him and he was utterly grateful to society for all the efforts that people made for him.

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And as far as the woman is concerned, she said she never meant for it to go viral nor she clicked it to complain. She photographed it only to sent it in a private group. Well, one way or another, this man finally got something good going on in his life, so the rest doesn’t matter at all.

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