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Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 releasing on the same day, fans plan a Keanu Reeves’ day




Matrix 4 is all set to release on May 21, 2021. A few more months down the line, the fans of Keanu Reeves will surely be in a dilemma. Because another huge movie from Keanu is going for the same day release.

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The Wachowski Brothers’ “Matrix 4” is releasing on the same day as the other movie “John Wick 4 “. While it may be a disappointment for some of the fans, while a host of them have been clapping in approval. Fans have decided to make it a “Keanu Reeves day”. The social media is buzzing with the news and fand have been hopping with joy –

Both Matrix and John Wick have indeed been the best and popular franchises ever from Keanu Reeves. The release date for the Fourth installment of John Wick was announced in August 2019.

The fans have been calling it the “Keanu day from here out.” as the fans have been making it out.

However, it is likely that one of the movies to shift its release date. It is likely that the movie that would shift is perhaps Matrix 4. John Wick 4 producers have declared the release date long ago.

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