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Many People Got Injured During Gas Explosion At Florida Shopping Center




On Saturday, the state of Florida has experienced a very unfortunate event where a lot of people got injured during the Gas explosion that happened at the South Florida city of Plantation. According to the authorities, 20 people got injured and the fire department is still searching the place and looking for more people who got injured during the tragedy but they believe all the victims of the explosion are taken to the hospital for immediate treatment.

The Plantation Fire Department is still looking for the cause of the explosion as they are uncertain about what could have caused it. In reference to the Broward County’s team of hazardous material that is responsible for the security of the lines and the gas utility company called TECO, Joel Gordon, the Battalion Chief said, “We had ruptured gas lines. We did have an active gas leak when we arrived, but (they) were able to secure it.”

Photo Source: ABC News

This was followed by a statement where the officials said that they are still uncertain whether this was the actual cause of the gas explosion or not and also that they are still looking into the matter. The mall suffered a lot of damage from scattered windows to scattered debris. The LA Fitness Gym was a part of the complex that seemed to sustain significant damage.

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The Plantation Tweet tweeted on their official account and alerted the citizens about the incident. They declared that all the stores and businesses in the area have been shut down. And until further notice, no citizen should go near the Plantation Marketplace plaza and the Fountains Plaza.

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