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John Ive Leaving Apple Signals The End Of Steve Jobs Era




When Steve Jobs stepped out as Apple’s CEO in the year 2011, people called it an end of an era, because under Steve Jobs the company has accomplished great achievements and seen some great heights. And now that John Ive who is the chief designer at Apple is also leaving the company, it marks the end of classic Apple and signals the birth of new Apple.

It would be safe to say that Apple is never going to be the same again after the departure of Steve Jobs and John Ive from the company. Although there is no doubt that the company will continue to flourish under some new executives and will continue to amaze us with new and unimaginable technologies but there’s something that will always be missed as Apple is going through one of the most dramatic resurgences in history.

Steve Jobs and John Ive, these two names will always be written in the history of the success of Apple. These two will always be credited with driving success. John Ive was believed to be the right hand of Steve Jobs. As soon as Steve Jobs joined the company, Apple returned to lead in the year 1997. Under these two great individuals, Apple has flourished enormously and became one of the highest grossing company with $1 trillion worth.

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John Ive and Steve Jobs were really close friends and they clicked with each other since their first meet. In a rare interview in the year 2017, John Ive admitted that the two has established an immediate understanding and the friendship continued since then.


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