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Google Will Now Tell You How Crowded Your Bus or Train Is Likely To Be




Google has played a major role in making our lives easier. It has introduced us with technologies we didn’t even know was possible. It would be harmless to say that Google is responsible for making this world techno-friendly. It has literally made living so easy for us that now everything seems a click away. The latest launch by Google is soon going to be available for use. It has now developed a software that will tell you how likely your bus and train is going to be crowded.

Reportedly, Google has been working on this project for months. It has been collecting data on transit crowdedness for a long time. And now it has all the information that was needed, Google is ready to give its prediction about the crowd in buses and trains.

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The news was announced on Thursday that Google will be introducing new transit crowdedness predictions in its Maps app. This function will let you see how much the bus and train are going to be crowded that you are taking. The predictions of Google are based on past rides.

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According to the sources, for the past few months, Google has been collecting data from people who use Google maps to give information about the level of crowdedness in their transit trips. After they complete the trip they were asked to measure the level of a crowd in four options, many empty seats, few empty seats, standing room only, or cramped standing room only.

Now Google has enough data to predict the level of the crowd for customers who use Google Maps. The feature is started today and will be available in 200 cities globally.

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