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Google, Amazon and Microsoft Look To Move Productions From China




The ongoing trade war between China and the United States has come to an end after President Donald Trump decided not to put tariffs on Chinese Produced goods. The Presidents of both countries had a meet up in Japan to discuss the trade negotiations and managed to come to a settlement. The G20 Summit proved to be successful for both the countries, however, still there are few big tech companies in the United States who are looking to move their productions from China and have their manufacturing done elsewhere.

These giant tech companies include Google, Amazon, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Sony, Microsoft, Dell, Nintendo, etc. These companies are one of the most significant clients of China and now that they are moving their productions from the country, it is going to have a great impact on the Chinese Market.

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Reportedly, they are moving their productions to other Asian countries like Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. However maximum companies have refused to comment on the current situation but according to the sources, it is said that Apple is also moving 30% of its production out of China.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that he is not worried about the tariffs. But, an official letter has already been sent by the company to the Office of the United States Trade Representatives that mentioned the effect of these tariffs on the economy. Another news has also been reported where it was revealed that Apple is taking the help of China in the manufacturing of its new product.

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