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G20 Summit: Trump and Xi Agreed To Resume The US-China Trade Talks




The long run of the trade wars has finally come to an end as the president of the United States and the president of China has come to an agreement over the trade negotiations. The meeting of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping was going to be held in Japan and everybody was looking forward to the settlement of this trade war as both the countries were struggling economically due to the ban of Chinese products into the US. But finally, everybody can take a leap of relief as the meeting went great and they finally came to a settlement.

In the G20 Summit that took place in Japan, the president of the former rival countries managed to resume the trade talks again. Donald Trump also agreed to restart the trade exchange between the United States and the Chinese Tech Giant Huawei. Earlier Trump has threatened China that he will be adding tariffs on Chinese imports but now he agreed that he will not add tariffs on $300bn of Chinese imports.

In a press conference that was held immediately after the trade talks between China and America, Trump said that he would continue to negotiate with Beijing ‘for the time being’. Also, he declared that the trade exchange between Huawei and the US will be resumed certainly as it was banned by the US commerce department.

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The trade war has immensely affected the American market and now the resumed trade negotiations are going to benefit America as well as China. The Chinese economy was also getting affected due to the same reason but now we can consider it as a mark of the betterment of the economy of both the countries.

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