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Climate Change effect – World’s Oceans are losing Oxygen




We are all aware of the harrowing effects that climate change has been making us suffer. A new budding problem seems to have erupted and added up to the never-ending list issues which have resulted from climate change. A recent study has revealed that the oxygen levels in the oceans across the world have been on the decline.

Image – IUCN

The study was presented at the Global summit on climate in Madrid on Saturday. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) published the report on Ocean Deoxygenation. The report was the result of over 67 ecologists and scientists from across 17 nations.

The study reveals that the oxygen depletion levels are going up considerably since the 1950s. From just around 40 to 45 sites with lower oxygen levels in 1950, the number has now reached over 700 as estimated in 2011. Scientists have blamed the loss of oxygen on global warming, which results in a rising temperature on the upper part of the oceans.

Like Dr. Grethel Aguilar, the acting director-general of IUCN puts it, the rising temperature of the oceans can throw the delicate marine life into disarray.

However, scientists aren’t blaming it on global warming alone, albeit it has been cited as a significant reason. The deoxygenation has also resulted because of excessive algae growth as well. The plant life in the ocean is growing because of the nitrogen deposition into the ocean beds. This has more to do with the fertiliser being run off into the waterways and sewages and ultimately into the ocean. Growing plant life can deplete oxygen levels considerably and thus increase the mortality rate of animals within the oceans.

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