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Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition is up to 50% off because of PlayStation midweek flash sale




Playstation is offering midweek flash sale with up to 75% off deals.  There are varieties of games which are on unbelievable discount from Batman: Arkham collection to A plague Tale: Innocence. Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition is on 50% sale where the original price is $39.99 and Playstation sale price is $15.99.

Until this fantabulous deal is there, make use of it to the fullest because this was the best game to come out of the system. A little bit of splurge does not matter at all.

Batman: Arkham Knight is an action-adventure game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. This game was released in 2015 and was the successor to the 2013 video game Batman: Arkham Origins. Being the fourth installment in the Batman: Arkham series, this game brings very realistic graphics to your screen. The combat style in the game is super exciting. It feels like the game is the batman simulator.


In the storyline, the scarecrow has launched an attack on Gotham city and Batman has to put an end to the evil reign of the scarecrow. The city is evacuated because of the attack. This has been a tough fight for Batman as Scarecrow has the power of the mysterious Arkham Knight. They both together are able to gather all the powerful foes of batman and fight against him.


The story progresses in a third-person perspective where the main focus is Batman’s combat skills, detective abilities, and cool gadgets. He can easily explore the city of Gotham completing mission and interacting with other characters. If he completes a mission, he gets a piece of new equipment. The main gadget is Batmobile which is a playable vehicle used for transportation, puzzle-solving, and combat.

The game premises are super engaging and it is always kind of rain in the Gotham city, although the player can fight head-on all the time, if the player uses stealth tactics, they are expected to get additional rewards. In the game, Batman has two modes: pursuit and battle. Anytime, anywhere in the game, the player can switch to anything. Pursuit helps batman to explore and go from here and there and battle helps him to combat. If you are a big fan of Batman, then this game is for you. The sale is still on, go grab the game.

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