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Apple To Move The Production Of Mac Pro To China Amid Trade War




The trade war between the United States and China is undeniable despite the fact that the two countries are trying to make amends for a long time. After Microsoft banned Chinese Tech Giant Huawei, the trade war between the countries intensified even more. Although the ban on products is certainly lifted up, China sued the US commerce department over some seized equipment that they captured a year ago.

Both the presidents of the respective countries were going to have a meet in Japan to resolve this issue and to end the trade war. The meeting is finished but we are yet to know about the current relationship between China and the US. Besides all this, Apple is moving the production of Mac Pro even though the relationships between the countries are really complicated and also there is a huge dispute regarding the import and export exchanges between them.

Photo Credit: The New York Times

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple will shift the productions of Mac Pro computers to the rival Asian country. The desktop of the computer is the only major device that gets produced in the US. The company has chosen Quanta Computer Inc. for the manufacturing of its $6000 desktop near Shanghai which is a Taiwanese contractor.

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The decision could anger the President of the country, Donald Trump as he is not on good terms with the Chinese President and Apple is significantly a tech giant of the United States. As Donald Trump is constantly trying to press the companies and Apple in specific to make all their products in America only due to the ongoing trade wars.

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