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An Alien planet found around the White Dwarf




In a first, the scientists have found a new planet that is associated with a white dwarf star. This has proved one thing that wasn’t known till now – that dead stars can have their own planets. For the first time in the recorded history of science, the scientists have found a planet circling a mammoth dead star which is called a white dwarf.

The study was undertaken at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and was headed by Boris Gänsicke. The research is published in one of the recent editions of the Nature. In fact, a wide range of stars in our galaxy, or elsewhere end their life and finally end up as white dwarfs.

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The previous studies have found asteroids, comets, and other planetary bodies hitting or orbiting he white dwarfs. Finding an actual planet around a white dwarf is indeed a huge step. “This discovery is major progress, because over the past two decades, we had growing evidence that planetary systems survive into the white-dwarf stage,” say the study lead Boris Gänsicke.

The study had its beginnings in the emission of hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur from the white dwarf. Since this was unusual, scientists further moved ahead with their studies and found that these gases weren’t coming from the star, but from a “planet” surrounding it.

This study can be quite helpful enough in understanding the final fate of planetary systems and can guide the scientists in achieving the best results.

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