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Amazon Became It’s Own Shipper After FedEx Refused To Renew Contract With The Company




FedEx is a well-known name in the online shopping world. It is known for shipping and delivering items at a larger scale. It has been serving as a shipping partner for Amazon for a long time but now FedEx has refused to renew its contract with the company. The decision is finalized and following it, FedEx will not be delivering the express shipments in the United States.

According to the last year’s data generated by FedEx, the total of Amazon packages only represented approximately 1.3% percent of the company’s total revenue. However, it is said that the shipper has downplayed the move by pointing out the fact.

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Well, the question arises, now that FedEx has refused to renew its contract with Amazon then who is going to be the company’s shipper? The answer is its Amazon itself. Amazon has decided to be its own shipper and it promises to deliver your goods on time. It doesn’t come as a much a surprise as Amazon is been working on this since a long time.

Amazon already took in charge of the shipment of more than half of its products by the end of May and now it’s officially going to be the company’s own shipper.

Earlier 48% of the company’s total shipment was done by Amazon itself, 33% by the United States Postal services, 17% of the shipments were carried by United Parcel Services and the 2% was carried by FedEx. But now Amazon will be its own big shipper. Another reason to do this is to cut the middle man to save charges and to boost the bottom line.

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