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According To UK Ad Regulator 30,000 Followers Makes You An Internet Celebrity




There are so many influencers and bloggers on Instagram that receives celebrity treatment, but that is not enough to call them a celebrity. So it leaves us with a question that what is the required criteria for these influencers to be an actual ‘celebrity’. According to the UK Ad Regulator, it’s 30,000 followers on your official account. So if you have the following of 30,000 on your account, you are officially an Internet celebrity.

This came into light when a British lifestyle blogger with the following of 32,000 followers, did marketing of a product by drugmaker Sanofi. The person shared the sponsored post on his official Instagram account that was an advertisement of one of the company’s products called Phenergan Night Time Tablets that was an antihistamine and a sleep aid.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority took an action on that post and take it down saying that celebrities can’t do the promotion of any drugs or medicine. The Sanofi company showed their disagreement by saying that people with millions of following who are known worldwide should be called celebrities. And in comparison to those, the following of this lifestyle bloggers is very less so they shouldn’t take any action and hence they are not violating any rules of the UK Government.

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But the UK Advertising Standards Authority said that the relatively low numbers of the blogger are not of concern because any person with the following of 30,000 or more is considered as an internet celebrity and that is why they should not indulge themselves in something that any celebrity is not allowed to do.


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